For nearly forty years, fans of the Star Wars films have gone to great lengths to express their passion for the saga.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than with the large group of people who have chosen to mark themselves for life with the captivating imagery found throughout that galaxy far, far away.

The Force in the Flesh Vol. I was released to an unsuspecting world in 2007. Written by Shane Turgeon, the book was ahead of it’s time and helped usher in mainstream acceptance of Star Wars and other geeky tattoos. Now, eight years later, the highly anticipated follow up volume is set to be released mid-April, 2015!

The Force in the Flesh Vol. II follows the same format at Vol. I and is a 9″ x 11″ embossed hardcover, full-color, coffee table book spanning 312 pages and packed with over 1000 photos tastefully telling the individual stories of 57 different Star Wars tattoo collectors and artists from the world over, including members of Mastodon and Generation Kill.

Profiled artists from the tattoo industry include Adam Hays, Guy Aitchison, Hannah Aitchison, Durb Morrison, Matt Difa, Cecil Porter, David Corden, the cast of Epic Ink and many, many more!

Foreword by Stephen J. Sansweet.

Simply put, this book is a must have for all those who appreciate Star Wars and/or great tattoo art.